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EdTech - 2012

20th Anniversary! 1992-2012

Experience in Educational Technology since 1994

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A great array of services to help you to make

the most of technology in education:


- Workshops in a Nutshell: short workshops online , @T.A.L.E.S. or at your institution.

- Design your own "recipe" of workshops for 2012. Choose from a wide variety of topics and schedule them in advance:

o Interactive whiteboards

o Multimedia Projects

o Online teaching

o Podcasts and videocasts

o Technology and creative writing

o Technology and integrated skills

o Templates and the Internet

o The Internet in ELT

o Video conferences

o Web quests

o Wikis and blogs

- Tailor-made Multimedia Projects ready to be implemented

- Cross-curricular Projects: workshops in Spanish for bilingual schools

- Consulting sessions


Make your institution stand out!


Hoping to be instrumental in helping you to make changes easier and fruitful.


Have a great new beginning!


MEd. Claudia Ursi

Master in Educational Technology & ELT

Project Manager


You know where you want to go.

We know how to take you there!

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